Tony Bennett Sells Music Catalog Rights to Iconoclast: A Closer Look

In a recent music rights deal, legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett sold some of his catalog to Iconoclast Music, the financial details of which have not been disclosed. Bennett is one of the most influential figures in jazz and popular music, with a career spanning over seven decades.

According to Variety, this deal includes "some of the catalog rights" to Bennett's music. However, the exact nature and extent of these rights are not clear.

Music catalog rights refer to the ownership and control of the economic rights to musical compositions and recordings. These rights can include the right to collect royalties from the use of the music in various contexts, such as broadcast, streaming, and synchronization.

ASCAP, one of the major music rights societies, explains that there are several types of music rights, including:

  • Mechanical Rights: The right to reproduce and distribute recordings.
  • Performing Rights: The right to publicly perform musical compositions.
  • Synchronization Rights: The right to use music in visual media, such as films and advertisements.

It is unclear which of these rights, if any, are included in the deal between Bennett and Iconoclast. However, it is worth noting that the sale of music catalog rights has become an increasingly popular trend in the music industry, with artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young also making similar deals in recent years.

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