The trusted bridge to music rights investments.

Facilitating the buying and selling of music rights, helping both rightsholders and investors navigate the future of alternative investments.

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What are music rights?

When music is listened to - revenue is generated.

The trusted bridge.

Since 2021, Anotherblock has facilitated the sales of some of the biggest songs in the world.

Our rightsholders always come first. We serve them through a global network of investors powered by technology, integrity, and a shared purpose of making music rights a transparent and liquid asset class.

Tracks we’ve issued music rights for include:

Bitch Better Have My Money


QM5FT1500006last apy 7.6%


/The Weeknd

QZ45A1700064last apy 9.3%

Ric Flair Drip

/Offset, Metro Boomin

USUG11500919last apy 12.8%
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“This collection of tracks, my life’s passion, represents more than hits; it’s a mosaic of cultural milestones that have resonated with generations. I am proud to work with Anotherblock, whose professionalism and dedication align perfectly with my vision.”

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

Multiple Grammy-award winning producer for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston etc.

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The future of alternative investments.

With its steady industry growth (Goldman Sachs predicts revenue doubling by 2030), music as an asset class has been proven to be uncorrelated to the economy while yielding stable returns.

This makes it compelling for growth-seeking investors wanting to diversify their portfolios.

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A transparent music industry for creators. A liquid market for investors.



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