The Waterboys' Mike Scott Sells Publishing Catalog Stake to Primary Wave

Irish musician Mike Scott, frontman of The Waterboys, has sold a stake in his publishing catalog to Primary Wave Music Publishing. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Music Business Worldwide, this transaction marks Primary Wave's latest acquisition in the music publishing sector. The company has been actively investing in music rights, acquiring catalogs from various artists and songwriters.

The Waterboys, formed in 1983, are known for their eclectic mix of genres, including folk, rock, and Celtic music. Scott's songwriting has earned him critical acclaim and commercial success, with hits like "The Whole of the Moon" and "Fisherman's Blues."

Billboard reports that Primary Wave now administers the copyrights for more than 20,000 songs in its catalog. The company's portfolio includes works by artists like Tom Petty, Sam Smith, and Quincy Jones.

The sale of music catalogs has become a popular trend in the music industry, with artists and songwriters looking to capitalize on the value of their intellectual property. Music rights societies, such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, collect and distribute royalties for the use of copyrighted music. Understanding the types of music rights and how they work is crucial for artists and investors alike.

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