Sting Sells Catalogue: A $300M Universal Deal

In a major move within the music industry, legendary artist Sting sold his entire song catalog to Universal Music Publishing for a reported sum of US$300 million. Source

The deal, announced in February 2021, grants Universal Music Publishing the rights to Sting's extensive catalog, which includes hits like "Every Breath You Take," "Roxanne," and "Fields of Gold." Source

Sting's decision to sell his music rights follows a trend among artists, as they look for ways to capitalize on their back catalogs and secure their financial futures. Source

Understanding the complexities of music rights can be intriguing. Music rights are the legal permissions to use copyrighted musical compositions. These rights can be owned by various entities, including artists, publishers, and rights societies. Source

In this deal, Sting transferred ownership of his music publishing rights to Universal Music Publishing. These rights include the ability to license the use of his songs in various formats, such as recordings, films, and advertisements. Source

The sale of Sting's music catalog marks a significant investment in the artist's legacy and underscores the value of music rights in today's industry. Source

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