Paul Rodgers: A $20M Music Rights Deal with Primary Wave

Paul Rodgers, the iconic British singer-songwriter known for his tenure in Free and Bad Company, made headlines in 2020 with a significant music rights investment. Rodgers sold a stake in his publishing catalog to Primary Wave Music for a reported $20 million 1.

The deal, which also included a stake in the catalog of American rock band America 2, marked one of the largest music rights acquisitions of the year. Rodgers' catalog spans over five decades and includes hits like "All Right Now" and "Seagull," making it an attractive investment for Primary Wave 3.

Music rights refer to the intellectual property attached to a song, including the composition and the recording. These rights can be bought, sold, and licensed, providing an alternative investment avenue for those interested in the music industry 4.

Music rights societies, such as ASCAP and BMI, play a crucial role in managing and collecting royalties for songwriters and publishers 5. Who owns the right to music can be a complex issue, with various parties involved, including artists, record labels, publishers, and rights societies 6.

Understanding what are music rights and how they work is essential for anyone considering investing in this area. Music rights can generate revenue through various streams, including performance royalties, mechanical royalties, and synchronization fees 7.

For more information on music rights investments and the music industry, visit Music Business Worldwide and Billboard.


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