Judas Priest: A Heavy Metal Music Rights Saga

In a major music rights acquisition, Reach Music Publishing has acquired the publishing rights to Judas Priest's first two albums, Rocka Rolla (1974) and Sad Wings of Destiny (1976). The financial details of the deal remain undisclosed.

These albums marked the beginning of Judas Priest's illustrious career, laying the groundwork for their iconic heavy metal sound. The band's early success paved the way for their future achievements, including multiple Grammy nominations and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The acquisition of these music rights is significant, as they grant Reach Music Publishing control over the copyrights to the compositions on these albums. This includes the rights to royalties from public performances, mechanical licenses for recordings, and synchronization licenses for use in films, TV shows, and advertisements.

ASCAP and BMI are two prominent music rights societies that collect and distribute royalties for the use of musical compositions. These organizations play a crucial role in ensuring that songwriters and publishers receive fair compensation for the use of their music.

The ownership of music rights can be complex, with various parties involved, including the songwriters, publishers, record labels, and performing artists. In the case of Judas Priest, the band members are the songwriters, and Reach Music Publishing is now the publisher of their early compositions.

Variety reported on this acquisition, shedding light on the financial implications and the importance of music rights in the music industry.

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