Isaac Hayes' Estate Sells Music Catalog to Primary Wave

Isaac Hayes, the legendary soul musician and actor, has sold his music catalog to Primary Wave Music Publishing. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.

Hayes, known for his iconic hits like "Shaft" and "Theme from Shaft," sold his publishing rights, master recordings, and other music assets to Primary Wave. The acquisition includes all of Hayes' compositions and recordings, as well as his share of songwriting royalties from collaborations.

Primary Wave, a leading independent music publishing and production company, has a growing catalog of over 20,000 copyrights. The acquisition of Hayes' music adds to their impressive roster, which includes artists such as Smokey Robinson, Sam Moore, and Boyz II Men.

Music rights can come in various forms, including publishing rights, master recording rights, and performance rights. According to the Music Rights Societies, these rights allow creators and owners to earn royalties from the public performance, broadcast, and reproduction of their music.

Who owns the right to music can be a complex issue. In the case of Hayes, his estate sold the rights to Primary Wave. The sale of music rights can provide financial security for artists and their heirs, as well as generate revenue for music companies and investors.

For more information on music rights and the music industry, check out the National Music Publishers' Association and the Recording Industry Association of America.


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