George Brown's Kool & The Gang Catalogue Sells for Millions

George Brown, a founding member and bassist of iconic funk band Kool & The Gang, has reportedly sold a significant portion of the band's music catalog to Primary Wave Music for a "multi-million-dollar deal" 1. The deal includes the rights to over 2,000 songs, spanning the band's career from the 1960s to the present 2.

Primary Wave, a leading independent music publisher and record label, has been actively acquiring music catalogs in recent years. The company's portfolio includes the works of artists such as Smokey Robinson, T.I., and Quincy Jones 3.

Music catalog deals have become increasingly popular in the music industry, with investors recognizing the value of owning the rights to classic recordings and the revenue streams they generate 4. These deals typically involve the acquisition of various types of music rights, including publishing, master recording, and synchronization rights 5.

Music rights societies, such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, play a crucial role in the administration and licensing of musical works 6. They collect and distribute royalties to songwriters, publishers, and other rights holders based on the public performance of their music 7.

The ownership of music rights can be complex, with various parties involved, including artists, record labels, publishers, and rights societies 8. In the case of Kool & The Gang, it appears that George Brown, as a founding member and co-writer of many of the band's hits, holds a significant stake in the catalog's value 9.

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