Ed Roland's Music Catalog Acquired by Primary Wave: A Look Back

In a recent deal, Primary Wave Music acquired the music rights catalog of Ed Roland, the founding member and lead vocalist of Collective Soul. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Ed Roland's songwriting career spans over three decades, with Collective Soul being his most notable project. The band, formed in 1993, is known for hits like "Shine," "December," and "The World I Know." These songs, along with others penned by Roland, have become staples in modern rock radio.

The acquisition of Roland's catalog includes the rights to his compositions and his share of the mechanical rights and performance rights. These types of music rights are crucial for collecting royalties from the use of songs in various contexts, such as streaming, broadcasting, and physical sales.

Primary Wave Music is a leading independent music publishing and record company. They have a reputation for acquiring music catalogs from prominent artists, including Smokey Robinson, Sia, and Quincy Jones. The company's mission is to "own and control the copyrights and neighboring rights in the recorded music, musical compositions, and music publishing of its catalog."

The acquisition of Ed Roland's catalog is a significant move for Primary Wave, as it adds to their extensive collection of music rights. Roland's songs have generated substantial revenue through various channels, including ASCAP and BMI performances, mechanical royalties, and sync licensing.

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