Turning the music industry on its head.

Making music an investable asset class.

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When music is consumed - it generates revenue. This makes music a revenue generating immaterial asset.

Anotherblock was founded on the premise of making music rights liquid, creating valuable opportunities for investors and enhancing control and freedom for creators.

Traditionally, music rights investment was exclusive to labels and niche funds. Our tokenization approach now allows direct investment in music rights, bypassing traditional fund expenses. We simplify entry for investors, regardless of their market knowledge, with our valuation and royalty management services.

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A transparent music industry for creators. A liquid market for investors.

Tracks we’ve issued music rights for include:

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Bitch Better Have My Money


QM5FT1500006last apy 8.4%

Ric Flair Drip

/Offset, Metro Boomin

QZ45A1700064last apy 9.3%


/The Weeknd

USUG11500919last apy 12.8%

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Why music?

1. Growing industry.

Goldman Sachs predicts the recorded music revenue to double by 2030.