We’re rewarding you
On optimism

For supporting our vision of democratizing music ownership and to celebrate our historical first royalty payout - We want to reward our holders and ensure an even smother optimistic onboarding. We always strive to give back to the community and share our success.

To see your reward.

op crew
op ab fam

if you’re an artist, producer, management, or label - apply to get early access to our self-management tool. an open market for music is a win-win for both music collectors and rightsholders. we are excited to see what this brings the web3 music community.

- low-cost & lighting fast transactions

- stable, scalable, flexible infrastructure

- track record, adoption and community first approach

future of royalties

using ETHEREUM mainnet as store of value. to bring you the most innovative and creative products we’re expanding into the realm of L2 Ensuring that our holders receive maximum royalty payouts and let’s us integrate streaming capabilities.

about the airdrop

we’re giving our early holders an extra incentive by airdropping 1 Anotherblock token for every 1 OP token. snapshot was taken earlier today and can you can claim them on anotherblock website on the 23rd of february