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Solo Dance

/ Martin Jensen

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step into the captivating world of “SOLO DANCE,” a remarkable musical journey created by danish dj and producer MARTIN JENSEN. this track, released on november 4, 2016, quickly became a sensation, putting a smile on people worldwide. crafted with care by MARTIN JENSEN, MADS DYHRBERG, and PETER BJØRNSKOV, along with the talented songwriter LENE DISSING, “SOLO DANCE” has reached the top 20 in 14 european countries and achieved a remarkable 740 million spotify streams what makes it even more interesting is the discovery of the female vocalist. initially unknown, she was revealed in november 2017 as danish singer THERESA REX. her voice is truly exceptional and gives “SOLO DANCE” a unique charm “SOLO DANCE” is more than a song; it's a blend of musical talent and storytelling. immerse yourself in this enchanting musical journey that transcends time and space, and let the magic of “SOLO DANCE” take you on a journey of musical delight. also, it's worth noting that LENE DISSING, the brilliant songwriter behind this track, played a part in creating the hit 'WEEKEND ON A TUESDAY' by R3HAB and LAIDBACK LUKE, anotherblock's genesis drop that contributed to our success.


LENE DISSING's lifelong musical journey began in her childhood, playing the piano, singing, and composing her first song, "MY LITTLE KITTEN." while she initially focused on singing during her teenage years and even attended the danish school of music, she realized something was missing. in 1996, fate introduced her to danish songwriter JOHN GORDON, leading to the formation of the band "STEAM." their 1998 album, "TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER," became a triumph in denmark, with the hit track "LOVER" dominating the airwaves. the album's success didn't stop there; it resonated with audiences as far as asia. LENE DISSING is making a return, once again collaborating with anotherblock, but this time on the electrifying smash hit "SOLO DANCE" by MARTIN JENSEN. this unique opportunity allows you to own a piece of this summer dance anthem.

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Solo Dance
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